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  • Stop deleting files without asking?

    I'm trying to copy a huge folder of items that I recovered from an old drive, and I keep getting errors that some files cannot be copied because they "contain unwanted software". I let it go for a long time before I realized that it's not only refusing to copy the file, but also deleting the original source. I know for a fact that these deleted files aren't infected because I created them myself. They're just self-running EXE files of packaged presentations that I've created over the years. I have Malwarebytes for virus scanning, so I don't need this feature. Have BC saved these files to a quarantined vault from where I can recover them? How can stop Beyond Compare from deleting files that it thinks I shouldn't have? Thank you for your help.

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    Beyond Compare doesn't scan files for malware or delete files during a copy. It's likely real-time antivirus scanning on your computer is monitoring Beyond Compare's file operations, then deleting or quarantining the files as you attempt to copy them.

    To recover the files that were removed, see if you can recover them from quarantine in Malwarebytes. To prevent this from happening again, you'll need to whitelist the detection in Malwarebytes or whitelist Beyond Compare in Malwarebytes so its file operations aren't scanned.
    Chris K Scooter Software


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      Thank you for your reply, Chris. Malwarebytes allows copying of these files outside of BC with no problem, so thanks for pointing out that it behaves differently when going through another application. I don't think I would have figured that out. I've added BC to the Malware exclusions list and it seems to have fixed it. Sadly, the deleted files aren't in the Quarantine, even though Malwarebytes is set to quarantine. I guess that's another difference in Malwarebytes behavior it's watching an application's actions. Oh well, going forward it won't be a problem, thanks to your help!