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  • List of keyboard shortcuts

    Hello, I am evaluating BC4 for purchase. I am a heavy keyboard user. Is there anywhere I can find a comprehensive list of keyboard shortcuts for BC4? One item in particular I'm looking for is the ability to move between the left and right panes using the keyboard when merging two files. I tried Alt+Left/Right arrows as mentioned in this issue:, but it doesn't work for me.

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    If you're on Windows in the Text Compare and cursor focus is in the left or right editing pane, Alt+Left Arrow and Alt+Right Arrow should shift focus between panes.

    To see a list of keyboard shortcuts:
    Open Tools > Options (Windows, Linux) or Beyond Compare > Preferences (macOS).
    Go to the Toolbars, etc. section.
    Select Text Compare from the dropdown.
    Assigned keyboard shortcuts are listed in the Commands list.

    If that isn't the behavior you're seeing, what operating system are you using (Windows, macOS, Linux)?
    Chris K Scooter Software