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Feature: File highlighting based on string/regex existance within file

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  • Feature: File highlighting based on string/regex existance within file


    I use BC4 a lot to compare sourcecode of different versions. These files contain fixes I will have to keep between versions.
    I need to go trough hundreds of files every time an most of them will have some changes but only a bunch will have changes i need to actively merge and not just copy. Currently BC4 cannot help me here as far as I know. What I do is I open WinRAR for the folder and search my term and have a list of files that way I need to take special care of.

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    But this would be obviously better within BC4 and I think would be a great feature in general:

    Allow to search for a string/regex within all files and mark the files containing the term. Here is an example of the highlighting:

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    This would allow to find specific changes in large amounts of files that one cares about.
    The functionality would pretty much follow the highlighting abilities of Notepad++ (Give specific string different colors/style tokens)

    If anything is unclear please let me know.


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    If you use the Folder Compare's Session menu -> Session Settings, Other Filters tab and Exclude Files -> Not Containing -> text string, is this the behavior you are looking for to filter showing only files that contain the text string?

    The Tools menu -> Text Edit tool also has a Search, Find in Files function.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      the contains filter menu in the session settings is pretty much exactly what I was not able to find.

      thank you very much!