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Does BC work in DOS?

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  • Does BC work in DOS?

    In my W7 Ultimate 64 bit system I have a 2TB SATA storage drive that's developed bad sectors. I've managed to copy about half of its 900GB of files and folders to a spare drive, but it's very slow (11mins\GB) and the bad drive frequently disappears from Windows, necessitating a reboot and starting again. This is made more laborious because BC then takes about 30mins to refresh its assessment of the source drive.

    It occurred to me that, if BC would run in DOS it might avoid the restarts. Yes or no?
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    Sorry, Beyond Compare doesn't run in DOS.

    The oldest Microsoft operating system supported by any version of Beyond Compare is Beyond Compare 1.7 on Windows 3.1. The oldest OS supported by Beyond Compare 4.2.9 (current version) is Windows XP SP3.

    Supported Windows Platforms:
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      Thanks, Chris.