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Load multiple workspaces in two windows?

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  • Load multiple workspaces in two windows?

    Sorry if this is an easy question...

    I have a need to run two almost-equal but separate compares at the same time, in two windows.
    Window 1 - My machine -> Server A (15 sessions / tabs, each tab a different folder, workspace "Local -> A")
    Window 2 - Server A -> Server B (15 sessions / tabs, each tab a different folder, workspace "A -> B")

    I have each of these saved as individual workspaces. If I start by using "Load Workspace" for the workspace "Local -> A" everything is fine. But when I open a new window and load the workspace "A -> B", it closes all of my tabs in the first window, and shows only the tabs from the second window/workspace.

    I know I could just open the first workspace, then re-configure a new window with the same sessions/tabs/configuration as the second workspace, but man that's a lot of work. I'm hoping there's an easy way to just load two different workspaces without one window wiping out the other window?


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    Sorry, Beyond Compare doesn't provide a method to load two workspaces at the same time. Enhancing workspaces is on the todo list.

    As an alternative to workspaces, if you organize your sessions into folders, you can right click on a folder in the Home view and select Open Sessions to open all sessions contained in the folder.
    Chris K Scooter Software