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Broken behavior in BC4 with 'Show Differences only' and 'Ignore Folder Structure'?'

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  • Broken behavior in BC4 with 'Show Differences only' and 'Ignore Folder Structure'?'

    I've been using BC 3 for a long time, now switched to BC4 but when I compare 2 similar folder structures my favorite comparison isnt working like it did in BC3: When you click 'Show Differences only' and then 'Ignore Folder Structure' you will not see the different files in the subfolders as expected (And as shown in BeyondCompare 3).

    Is there a setting somewhere that can make BC4 behave as BC3? It's such a useful comparison view.

    Thank you,

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    Thanks for the report. Could you clarify the difference in behavior you are seeing? Ignore Folder Structure will remove the subfolders from view and place all files into a single bucket, which should match BC3's behavior. Show Differences will then show only the aligned pairs of files (now aligned by file name only, with no subfolders). It's possible your BC4 session is configured to run differently than BC3 (one could be running a rules-based scan for example, which would change what aligned pairs are considered Different).

    You can install BC3 and BC4 at the same time on a Windows system, so you could load up both programs at the same time on the same folders and verify the views. If you can take a full screen screenshot of each, that would help us determine what might be different. You can post here, or email us at If emailed, please include a link back to this forum thread for our reference, as well as your from the Help menu -> Support; Export, of each BC3 and BC4 install.

    BC3 can be downloaded here:
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      First image is the normal working view, with BC3 above, and BC4 below, both looking at same file system.
      For completeness I show the Session comparison settings on the right side, but they seem identical.

      Second image is after clicking just on 'Diffs Only' and 'Flatten Folders'.
      I have installed BC3 and BC4 clean on different PCs, I don't do anything except setting the Comparison to be rule-based as shown.

      It's such a basic thing I feel I might be missing something, I just dont see what I might be doing wrong.
      Thank you for any feedback.

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        Is it possible the filename filters are different between BC3 and BC4?

        If you set View > Show All and View > Ignore Folder Structure in BC3 and BC4, are the same files listed, even if their comparison status is different between BC versions? Or are some files shown in BC3 but not listed in BC4?

        Chris K Scooter Software