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  • Customized Changes Reverting

    I often use BC for moving things from one folder to another. Because of this, I go and customize my toolbar and keyboard shortcuts to be easier for me. Typically I will change the "Move to Right" command to appear in the toolbar, and assign the Shift+Ctrl+R shortcut. I know that's assigned to Mirror Right initially, but I override it. Then all is good. For several minutes.

    After several minutes of work, I notice that my shortcut opens the Mirror Right command instead of Move to Right. I go into Customize again, and see that the customized command entry has reverted back to its default state. That is for Move to Right, not in the toolbar, and with no shortcut.

    I have to re-add this customization several times in one session, and every several minutes. I definitely doesn't persist across program restarts. I even downloaded the latest BC4 trial (4.2.9) to see if it was fixed, and it's still happening. I thought I remembered one time in my life when it remembered the customization forever, but I can't remember the exact sequence of things I tried/did that time.

    Please help! This is driving my crazy.

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    It sounds like something might be overwriting your settings. If you alter any other settings in the program, such as saved sessions, are these able to persist?

    BC4 normally stores settings in your %AppData% directory for your Windows User (assuming Windows) as BCsetting.xmls, but we've seen some management systems that will overwrite or format, which then cause BC4 to lose any saved settings.

    If you double check your %AppData%\Scooter Software\Beyond Compare 4\ directory or install directory, where are BCState.xml and the other setting.xml files? If you use the setup.exe from our download page, and make a new Portable Install (an installer option) to your Desktop\Beyond Compare 4\, does this install type (which keeps BCState.xml and others within the single install directory) exhibit the same issues?
    Aaron P Scooter Software