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Beig banned from forums and support without any reason

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  • Beig banned from forums and support without any reason

    I've been banned from the forums and I can't contact you from email (550 5.6.0 Sorry, message looks like SPAM to me (in reply to end of DATA command)).

    So let you know you're banning a legit costumer that bought your software.

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    Our email server (automatic) and forum services (semi-manual) are disconnected, so if they are independently flagging you as spam, you are likely part of a spam list. Searching on your IP, I do see your IP as part of's search.

    I reviewed a forum thread from earlier today with suspicious username "JW3fbzaybMPv92". I apologize for the inconvenience as if a user is banned incorrectly, email is still works and is a viable means to contact us. Since your IP address is also compromised, this was unanticipated. You can also contact us via Twitter or Facebook to help get this corrected.

    I would suggest getting your IP removed from the spam list, as many services rely on lists like this for determining spam; you may encounter problems elsewhere.

    Assuming this was you, you were looking for help, you needed to compare only the first character and ignore trailing characters. We have a KB article and video on that subject here:
    Given your description, I'd suggest the Columns element type, which can define as from Column 2 to End of Line, give this a custom element name such as "After First Character", and then uncheck "After First Character" in the Text Compare's Session Setting's Importance tab.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Actually here my another account banned from forum. Earlier i used to work alot on my pc and i dont think so i did something to get ban.


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        Sorry about the accidental ban of your earlier account. Keeping spam out of the discussion forums without accidentally blocking legitimate posters is difficult. I've approved your account, so additional posts should be visible immediately.
        Chris K Scooter Software


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          That was a quick response. Thanks for the approval