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Beig banned from forums and support without any reason

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  • Beig banned from forums and support without any reason

    I've been banned from the forums and I can't contact you from email (550 5.6.0 Sorry, message looks like SPAM to me (in reply to end of DATA command)).

    So let you know you're banning a legit costumer that bought your software.

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    Our email server (automatic) and forum services (semi-manual) are disconnected, so if they are independently flagging you as spam, you are likely part of a spam list. Searching on your IP, I do see your IP as part of's search.

    I reviewed a forum thread from earlier today with suspicious username "JW3fbzaybMPv92". I apologize for the inconvenience as if a user is banned incorrectly, email is still works and is a viable means to contact us. Since your IP address is also compromised, this was unanticipated. You can also contact us via Twitter or Facebook to help get this corrected.

    I would suggest getting your IP removed from the spam list, as many services rely on lists like this for determining spam; you may encounter problems elsewhere.

    Assuming this was you, you were looking for help, you needed to compare only the first character and ignore trailing characters. We have a KB article and video on that subject here:
    Given your description, I'd suggest the Columns element type, which can define as from Column 2 to End of Line, give this a custom element name such as "After First Character", and then uncheck "After First Character" in the Text Compare's Session Setting's Importance tab.
    Aaron P Scooter Software