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  • Folder Comparison using command line - Help

    I am comparing two folders using
    Step 1 - >>bcompare.exe c:\folder1 c:\folder2 \expandall

    This opens beyond compare with folder1 and folder2 side-by-side. Next steps

    Step 2 - Select All (Ctrl+A)
    Step 3 - Compare Contents --> Binary Comparison --> OK

    Is it possible to complete Step 2 & 3 using command line itself.


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    Not as a command line option, but you could set it as a default that is used whenever loading a folder compare.

    Launch BC4, and on the Home screen, in the Saved Sessions list, expand the "New" folder, select Folder Compare, and Edit defaults.
    On the Comparison tab, leave Compare file size, timestamps, and Override quick tests enabled. Then, additionally enable "Compare Contents:" "Binary".

    When you run the above command to load bcompare.exe c:\folder1 c:\folder2 /expandall, this will now also run a binary scan on load.

    Additionally, you could update the Handling tab, enable "Expand subfolders when loading session" to update this default behavior, then you won't need to use /expandall on the command line anymore.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Aaron Thanks...

      This should be ok for now.

      Any chance this might get added as a command line option. Since the batch file which invokes bc4 is used by different people on different systems and it is not convenient for me to configure it in all systems.


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        It is something on our wishlist, but not a short-term project we'll be able to tackle.

        Are you familiar with our settings .xml structure and install locations (%AppData%\Scooter Software\Beyond Compare 4\)? If you can (back up and) edit .xml directly, then you could deploy without using the graphical interface if there are many users.
        Aaron P Scooter Software