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    How come files can't be touched on a copy ? I cant tell you how many times ive messed this up because update and mirror and sync are just weird sometimes and people do not get them at first. All I want is both sides to have the same files, regardless of timestamps however - why not include a TOUCH with an update or plain just copy to the other side ?

    Also when you compare things and get ready to do an operation, it tells you it needs to delete these files from over here and do this over here...why cant we check/uncheck some of these operations ? Sometimes its creating blank folders just because.

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    BC4's copy and sync methods will attempt to set the timestamp on the destination side. Some destinations do not support this, and will set the timestamp to the time of the transfer. Is this what is happening for your syncs?

    If, after the copy, can you use the manual Touch command to update the Destination side, or does this have an error? If not, you can update the Source side, which will bring the timestamps in sync with each other.
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