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    Is there a way to set default columns for particular types of comparison? Whenever I open a Folder Compare, I want the Attributes column to be visible, in addition to the usual Name, Size, Modified.

    When I have a particular saved Folder Compare session open, I can enable the visibility of the Attributes column (which for some reason doesn't mark the session "dirty", i.e. with unsaved changes, which is a bug in my opinion), and then when I do 'Save Session' it does appear to save that change into that particular session.

    But the columns that are visible are not viewable/editable in the session's Rules dialog (very bad in my opinion that the settings saved into the session are not all visible/editable). And I don't see where I can specify what columns I want visible for all new Folder Compare sessions by default.

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    Load from the Home screen a new, blank Folder Compare. Then right click and enable the Attributes column, then close the Folder Compare (click the Home button or close the window). This will then enable and use the Attributes column for any new Folder Comparisons, while any previously saved Folder Compare sessions will need to be updated manually.

    Some options, like the columns and the Display Filter setting, are sticky and remembered for specific sessions, but don't prompt the user to Save, since it could lead to prompting for a save every time you use the session. The current columns should automatically save with the session as you close it, without needing to manually save the session.
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      Thanks, that appears to have worked.