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On 'Move to folder' have 'browse' start more locally

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  • On 'Move to folder' have 'browse' start more locally

    When I want to 'Move to folder' it's usually on the same drive - but browse starts off at the topmost level showing 'PC' etc. So getting to where I want is always a slog. Maybe have an option that browse will start more locally.

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    The Move To Folder command attempts to navigate to the typed location that is pre-populated in the Move selected files to this folder textbox. If this is not navigateable, then it will load the top level. If you type the path (part of the path) into the text box, or select from the MRU list, then the Browse button will attempt to navigate to that new text. Adding items to the MRU based on current locations and other factors is something on our wishlist.
    Aaron P Scooter Software