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Numeric tolerance on a text compare

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  • Numeric tolerance on a text compare


    I very much like the ability to define a numeric tolerance when comparing Excel files. It would be very helpful to have a similar capability when comparing text files, to ignore small numeric or date differences between files.

    I would like to see new Date and Value grammar item categories. Selecting these would enable new "Date tolerance" and "Numeric tolerance" settings. "Text matching" would identify (left to right in case of multiple instances on a line) values from the left and right files. The interesting part is how one defines where and in what format the value or date occurs in the matching text. I'll leave that to you

    You have a wonderful product. We use it every day and are very satisfied. Adding numeric tolerance would enable us to drop the use of sed script pre-processing before performing a comparison.

    Thank you,

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    Thanks for the feedback. The Text Compare does not support numeric tolerances. It can define a grammar to match on numbers and make them unimportant overall, or a specific number change as a Text Replacement, but neither of these solutions would be a tolerance range like the Table Compare supports. I'll add this idea to our Customer Wishlist.
    Aaron P Scooter Software