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No word wrap in 2019? Really?

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  • No word wrap in 2019? Really?

    I love BC. I posted a request for this probably around 2012. Lack of this basic feature is making many workflows nearly impossible.

    Being a developer myself, I understand it could be trickier than it sounds! But given the number of people requesting this over the last 10 years, please make this a priority.

    Now we are forced to look into alternatives.

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    Word Wrap is a long time requested feature, but not one we've been able to tackle yet. In a few cases, using a tidy program can help reorganize code structure for readability and comparability, like we have on our Download page -> Additional File Formats. If you would like to email in a few example files, you can email us at along with a link back to this forum post.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Hello Aaron,

      Thank you for your quick reply. One of the strengths of BC is that we use it to compare all sorts of file formats and document-based on projects at hand. We've used dozens of different code and document types and log types in the past 10 years, so going format-by-format isn't the answer. Asking users to change their documents so a tool can be more usable is not the answer either. I understand there must be massive problems with implementing this otherwise it would have happened in the past 10 years, or that the cost it would require to implement such changes would not be justified by (hypothetical) sales. Just a shame, because the tool is so perfect otherwise.