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  • Copy folders to new location?

    I just purchased BC4 Pro under the assumption I could use it to copy folders from one drive to another. Can you do this? Until today I considered myself intelligent but this soft ware has me throwing things it is so frustrating to understand or set for a very simple procedure.

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    Yes, by default the Folder Compare view will align two base folders side by side, and you can copy from one side to the other in relative locations using the Copy command, or the Copy To Folder command to select any arbitrary target.

    I would suggest watching our Intro video and Basics tutorial videos to help get an overview of our interface and command/button placements, so you can see how a regular workflow is expected.

    If you are still having any trouble, if you can post or email a screenshot or two to, we can try to help figure out what you are running into.

    Please note that BC4 does not support an UNDO command, so please test with a couple of test folders (Test1\ and Test2\ for example) while learning the application.
    Aaron P Scooter Software