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How to copy folders WITH ORIGINAL timestamp? Later touch adjustment "to"?

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  • How to copy folders WITH ORIGINAL timestamp? Later touch adjustment "to"?

    Assume I compare two folder trees.

    Then I mark at the left side the top node folder and click on "copy" icon in the toolbar in order to copy the whole content to the right side.

    It works.

    However the original timestamps of the folders are NOT copied (only the timestamps of the files).

    How can I tell BC to copy AUTOMATICALLY the timestamps for folders as well?

    This should be done immediately during copy operation and not later by using manually the "touch" context menu.
    Unfortunately I found no option "copy folder timestamp".

    How can I achieve it otherwise?

    Lets assume I have to really use the "touch" context menu later (as the last resort).

    So I select the left side and tick "copy timestamps from other side":

    Does that mean that the folder timestamp(s) are copied from the left to the right side or right side to left side?

    I miss an option "copy timestamps (from selected side) TO other side".

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    The current behavior follows the same behavior as the OS. The folder timestamp is usually preserved as it is created during the copy, but the moment any files are then copied into it, it is updated. An option to preserve this timestamp is on our wishlist.

    The Touch command modifies the selected items (manually touching and setting their timestamp). Select the folders you want to update, and Touch them. Copying the timestamp will take the value from the other side and apply it to the Touched file/folder (or you can manually set this to any value).
    Aaron P Scooter Software