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    Hey there everyone,

    I'm very new to this program and am currently evaluating if it fits my needs. So far I've been very impressed, but there's one thing, I can't figure out.

    This is my situation:

    Left side
    Location A (Root picture folder (multiple google drive cell phone picture folder uploads), which holds several folders with pictures):
    - Root picture folder
    - Pictures 1
    - Pictures 2
    - Pictures 3
    - ...

    Right side
    Location B:
    - Project Folder
    - Project A
    - Project B
    - Project C
    - ...
    - Root picture folder copy
    - Pictures 1
    - Pictures 2
    - Pictures 3
    - ...

    Basically I want to copy all new left hand files to the right hand, so they are in the same picture folders as in location A.

    In location B the pictures might be moved to a folder in the projects. Beyond Compare finds those files nicely if "ignore folder structure" is activated.
    My problem is now, if I copy now left to right the folders of the left hand are forgotten and files end up in the root of location B.

    Is there a way to compare the files in different folders and copy none existing ones to a specific location maintaining the folder structure?

    Any advice is greatly appreciated!


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    Yes, most of your analysis of the behavior is correct. Ignore Folder Structure will help align files in different base folders, and if overwriting (aligned) during a copy it can copy in place, but otherwise it will place into the base folder since it cannot know where else to place it. If you know the manual location it should go to, you can select and use the Copy To Folder option. This can manually pick any location as the destination. When in Ignore Folder Structure mode, however, it does not have options to preserve the selected item's folder structure, so you'll have to manually create/navigate into the target folder.

    The alternative strategy is, if applicable, you can set sub-base folders where data is aligned without removing the folders. If subfolders are visible, then folder structure is copied with the Copy to Other Side options (and the Copy to Folder dialog will have preservation options as well).
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Thank you very much for your very quick and very helpful response. I haven't seen the copy to folder option, but this seems like a good way to do it!

      Now I just have to put it in a script to have it run automated. Might ask back, if needed.