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Support for rclone mounted drives plus write protection

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  • Support for rclone mounted drives plus write protection

    Hi there,

    Awesome software!

    Is there any chance of getting "rclone mount" support within BC?

    which uses which is a fuse-like implementation for user-space file systems.

    The error I receive now is "Unable to load <drive-letter>: the system cannot find the drive specified." If you choose the browse option, the drive is not displayed as being one you can select.

    The use-case would be people using rclone to copy/sync files into cloud providers like Google Drive, B2, Amazon, One Drive, etc. As a result, it would be nice using a separate independent tool like BC to compare the local drives with the cloud drives. I'm mainly thinking about metadata comparison due to the fact that downloads can sometimes be charged.

    I realize this sort of overlaps with your features in the PRO version, so maybe it makes sense to add the support there.

    Either way, please consider adding that!

    Are there any write protection features for the selected sides? It seems that one simple mistake (Mirror left instead of mirror right, for instance) could potentially wipe out a bunch of files. I often have a "master" side that contains the original files, with the remote or right side being the copy. It might be nice to disallow any changes whatsoever to one side, or both, that would prevent changes from any action within the tool.

    Last edited by keithss; 02-Jan-2019, 01:38 PM. Reason: Added the error I receive if I try to populate a side with the drive letter/path.

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    For accessing the rclone mounted drive, does it help if you right click on Beyond Compare's shortcut and select Run As Administrator to start the program?

    If that doesn't work, it might be better to use Beyond Compare 4 Pro's built in support for cloud storage instead of using rclone mount. Beyond Compare 4 Pro supports Amazon S3, Dropbox, and OneDrive (free/personal) cloud storage. Note that Amazon S3 and Dropbox are supported on all platforms, OneDrive is only supported in Beyond Compare on Windows.

    Editing can be disabled in Beyond Compare's session settings. In the Folder Compare or Folder Sync session type, click the Rules toolbar button (referee icon). In the Specs tab, check Disable editing for the left or right folder.
    Chris K Scooter Software


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      Hey Chris,

      Thanks for taking the time to reply!

      Yes, run as admin does fix the problem! The drive is both visible in Browse and accessible when typed in manually!

      I know I didn't specify, but I'm using BackBlaze B2, which is considerably cheaper (25% or less) than the more popular S3. I don't think you have native support --- of course I'd rather you just support B2 directly, but I'm glad that there's a stop-gap of using rclone mount+fsp until that happens.



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        I'm glad you found a solution. Backblaze B2 isn't supported. It's logged on our internal feature request list, but isn't a scheduled feature.
        Chris K Scooter Software


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          Originally posted by Chris View Post
          I'm glad you found a solution. Backblaze B2 isn't supported. It's logged on our internal feature request list, but isn't a scheduled feature.
          Thanks for having Backblaze B2 support on the backlog. I'm currently using CyberDuck to move local files to BackBlaze B2 but as a Pro Beyond Compare license key owner, it would be awesome to have Beyond Compare support it too. Thanks anyway for keeping up making such awesome software!