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    I am comparing a folder containing files of custom format which I have defined in file formats
    so files are showing equal when I am doing compare content through rule based comparison by selecting all files
    now when I am again selecting the files to generate their data comparison report, it is again re-scanning the files and showing difference even in the files which are equal before generating report
    Thus the questions arrive
    Is their any way we can stop re scanning of files while generating data comparison report
    Is their any settings we have to do or we have to define our file format again for data compare report

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    From your description, it sounds like things are configured correctly and should work the way you expect. By defining a default "data format" (BC3) or "table format" (BC4) that is assigned to your file mask and is used for your files automatically when you double click them from a Folder Compare, then the File Report should also use this format for determining and generating the report.

    Is the custom format the topmost in the Tools menu -> File Formats list, assigned the correct file mask, and is picked automatically when you double click your files (opening a Data/Table Compare)? And is so, what exact steps are you taking (From launch to report) to generate the file level report? Is it to open a Folder Compare, select your files, right-click and generate File Compare Report (and if so, what is the title of this pop-up dialog)? Or (if BC4) are you using a Folder Compare Report but have "Include File Links" enabled?
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Hi Aron,

      Defined custom format is automatically picked up when I double click the files and also when I am selecting the files and do right click and choose Compare contents(=?) through rule based comparison .

      The steps I am following is -
      Folder Compare, select files, right-click and generate File Compare Report - Text Compare Report dialog box pops up
      In this I select 'side by side' in Report layout , 'difference' in dropdown box and generating HTML report


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        Is the custom format a Data (BC3), Table (BC4), or Text format? When selecting only files that are text files, that pop up should show as a Text Compare, but if selecting only files matching a data/table format, it should show Data/Table Report as the dialog. This behavior should match the viewer used if you double clicked each file individually. If you step through the selected files one by one, is one of them actually a Text file and not using the custom format?
        Aaron P Scooter Software


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          Custom format is Data(BC3) format with ext like .txt_ddmmyyyy_XYZ .
          When I double clicked individual file and then go for report generation,dialog box has "Data compare report" but text compare report when i just select the files from folder compare view and generating file compare report.

          All the files are of custom data format only.


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            When you "select the files from the folder compare view" are you selecting the same two files that you double clicked? Or more pairs? And you then use the Actions menu -> File Compare Report command? To verify, please try this test with single pairs of files first (as any single pair that triggers a Text Compare could then cause a larger selection to become a Text Compare).

            At this point, I would recommend emailing us a copy of your settings and a screenshot of your current folder view. This way we can try to reproduce this in office. You can email us at with your Help menu -> Support; Export (, and the full screen screenshot showing the selection and full file names. A couple sample files to help us build a test folder would also help.
            Aaron P Scooter Software