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    I've always wondered why sometimes folder sizes remain blank. It may be because to improve speed when comparing(?) Like CRC also delays the comparing process, then again, it would at least be nice to have a button to 'force' Beyond Compare to show the sizes.

    Sometimes it shown on one side, but not on the other.

    Is there an easy way to have the folder sizes displayed.

    Vainly tried to find an answer, though I believe this question has been asked before.


    Click image for larger version

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    If you have the default Session Settings, Handling tab (Scan Top Level Orphans is disabled) and the View menu -> Only Compare Files is enabled, then top-level orphan folders are unscanned and not built (and Unscanned's default coloring is yellow).

    If you issue an Expand All command, or enable the Session Setting to Scan Top Level Orphans, this will build them and assign a color. If you set the View menu -> Compare Files and Folders or Always Show Folders, the folder color will update to an Orphan status (for Display Filtering purposes).
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      Thanks. I am very sorry, really. No disrespect meant.
      I took me about 15 minutes to figure out the very first step... default session settings (your first line). Searched in Tools/Options, searched within an existing profile, but finally found out I should click Home, then Compare Folder, then under Session I found the default Session Settings.

      However, I got a bit confused there.
      What should I tag to have the folder sizes displayed?
      See screenshot.

      Thanks again.

      Click image for larger version

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        So the quick answer is, if in screenshot #3, you enable to "Automatically scan top-level orphan folders" this should scan everything on load and generate colors and folder sizes.

        If a folder still is missing a size after scanning it, there may be an errored subfolder within it that could be built. Expand into the folder to find if any subfolders are also missing a size, and navigate down to find the problem subfolder that could not be scanned.

        The slightly longer answer for why some folders were Yellow is in the main Folder Compare viewer, there are four view modes on the Toolbar or in the View menu of the Folder Compare:
        Always Show Folders, Compare Files and Folder Structure, Only Compare Files, and Ignore Folder Structure. Depending on this selection, combined with the Handling tab option you found, it can change how the main view displays the folder color.
        Aaron P Scooter Software


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          Many thanks indeed!
          This is what I was looking for.