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How to Re-compare Failed Files?

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  • How to Re-compare Failed Files?

    I was comparing 1 drive against another.

    However, during the comparison, one of the drive which was connected to the network as an NAS and mapped with a drive letter, lost its connection intermittently - causing thousands of files failed their comparison with a "The network path was not found" error.

    How do I re-compare only these failed files? Is there a way in Beyond Compare to select only files that previously failed from its comparison result list for re-comparison?

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    Select files or folders in the Folder Compare, then right click and use the Refresh Selection command to update comparison of selected items. There isn't a command that will automatically recompare files that had errors. If the connection was intermittent, using Edit > Full Refresh to restart the comparison from the beginning is probably the safest choice.
    Chris K Scooter Software


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      It took me 5 days to complete one round of comparison and I don't think I want to again spend 5 more days to re-compare everything from scratch that has no guarantee that the comparison will be better this time.

      What really irks me on top of the above is that, when I started a report generation, BC4 doesn't make use of the result of the just-completed comparison but instead go and gather all data all over again. It took another 5 days just for me to obtain a [self-censored - containing an expletive] report!!!


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        When generating the report, it will use information it can from the main view, but depending on your report options it may need to run additional building scans; most commonly if file content is included in the report generated from a folder level.

        Is the report also including file-links or is a file-report, and including the full text content differences of every file?

        How large is your directory structure and how slow is the network connection? 5 days is a pretty extreme comparison run time.

        In my experience, if the data set is that large, it will generate a report file so large that most viewers (like a browser for HTML reports) are incapable of rendering it. But that's also why I was curious about the general speed of the network; if it's extremely slow (rather than a large data set), there may be other workarounds to help if that's the bottle neck, such as running BC4 locally in both locations and generating a Snapshot file, transferring just the snapshot, and generating the report on the snapshots.
        Aaron P Scooter Software