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  • Auto-saved session overwrite

    I switched from beyond compare 3 to 4, and I noticed a behavior difference regarding auto-saved sessions (either text compare or folder compare) and the session description field.

    Using beyond compare 3.3.13, say I open a text compare session between C:\A.txt <--> C:\B.txt, then I type "Lorem ipsum" in the description field, and close the session tab. The session get saved in "Auto-saved sessions".
    Now, I open a new text compare session between the same files (C:\A.txt <--> C:\B.txt), then I type "Another one" in the description field and close the session tab. This new session is auto saved besides the first one.
    Because the description is different, beyond compare 3 created a new auto saved session instead of updating the first one. The same behavior is achieved with folder compare sessions.
    And this also happen with comparison rules or name filters, changing then cause beyond compare 3 to create a new auto-saved session.

    But in beyond compare 4 (4.2.4), previous auto-saved sessions with the same left/right targets get replaced by new ones, no matter the value of the description field, comparison rules or name filters.
    Same behavior using the first release of beyond compare 4 (, it's here from the beginning of the 4.x branch.

    I could not find anything in the options panel to get bc4 auto-save sessions behave like bc3. Is there a way to do that ?

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    Thanks for the feedback. Auto-saving is a bit more condensed in BC4, since BC3 could end up with an overflowing number of auto-saves. There isn't a method to alter the auto-save behavior in BC4, but you could trigger a manual save while in a session, or create a copy of a session from the session management Home screen.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Ok thank you, I understand.

      Could this be fixed by letting users choose between bc3 and bc4 behavior in the options panel, or do you think this feature request does not worth it ?


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        Thanks for the feedback. This is not likely a change in behavior we'll tackle for BC4, but I'll make a Customer Wishlist entry to reevaluate this workflow.
        Aaron P Scooter Software