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Beyond Compare and OneDrive profiles

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  • Beyond Compare and OneDrive profiles

    In other threads I read about BC and being able to create OneDrive profiles.
    Although it regretfully does not support OneDrive for Office 365 (that I have), so just out of curiosity....
    what is the difference between an 'normal' compare and/or sync versus one using OneDrive profile.

    I can't test it with my OneDrive.


    oh btw, in what way is 'normal' personal OneDrive (provided by default with Windows) differs from the 365 version.
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    OneDrive 365 is usually "OneDrive for Business" which, while sharing a name, is a different API. However, OneDrive365 for Business could also be configured to use Sharepoint; currently exposed in the URL when browsing into a folder. Adding support for these different profile types is also something on our wishlist, but each is a large project.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Sorry for the confusion, my mistake, AFAIK I have the normal end-user OneDrive, so, the personal OneDrive, not for business.
      Subscribing to Office 365 will only increase the disk space from, I believe 14GB to 1TB. But it will remain a personal OneDrive.
      The Beyond Compare OneDrive profile is not valid for me.
      Thanks for the feedback.


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        Are you using the latest release of BC 4.2.8? Delete the existing profile and then create a new OneDrive profile using the Tools menu -> Profiles dialog. Does this help create and connect successfully?
        Aaron P Scooter Software


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          Beyond Compare 4.2.9 is now available with updated OneDrive support, including support for OneDrive for Business (Office 365). Please let us know if you continue to have OneDrive problems after updating to the new version.
          Chris K Scooter Software


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            Many thanks indeed!