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  • Dreamweaver temporary files

    My heaviest use of Beyond Compare is within Dreamweaver, to compare local and remote files. Dreamweaver is smart enough to use Beyond Compare, but not smart enough to use its FTP support, so instead it downloads the remote file to a local temporary file, and runs the comparison on that. The temporary files are placed in a folder named "_compareTemp" and have a filename beginning with "TMP", and they get deleted when the comparison is closed.

    Beyond Compare Auto-saves these sessions just like any other.

    I would love to have a way to keep these useless sessions out of my saved sessions, but I am not finding any way. Am I missing something? Possible implementations would be either a way to filter out comparisons with files whose name matches a pattern, or a way to specify that comparisons to files that no longer exist are not saved.

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    Sorry, Beyond Compare doesn't provide a way to keep comparisons launched from Dreamweaver out of the auto-saved sessions list. Comparisons launched on items in the user temp folder (%TMP% variable) aren't added to the auto-saved session list. Because Dreamweaver uses a custom temp location instead of following Windows' convention, its sessions will show in the auto-saved list.

    It is possible to limit the number of items in the auto-saved session list in case that's helpful. In Beyond Compare, open Tools > Options. Go to the Tweaks section. In the Metrics section, set the max auto-saved sessions value. The default value is 100.
    Chris K Scooter Software