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Folder comparison - suppress refresh after align operation

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  • Folder comparison - suppress refresh after align operation


    I am evaluating Beyond Compare for the sync of two fairly large folder structures containing photos.
    The photo file names are by date. e.g. 20181028_103312.jpg

    Unfortunately I have some scanned photos with no exact time so that after exporting to file system they have the same name with a counter and even worse the order is unpredictable. e.g.

    19730219_1200.jpg (500kB) <-> 19730219_1200.jpg (550kB)
    19730219_1200_1.jpg (400kB) <-> 19730219_1200_1.jpg (500kB)
    19730219_1200_2.jpg (450 kB) <-> 19730219_1200_2.jpg (450kB)
    19730219_1200_3.jpg (550 kB) <-> 19730219_1200_2.jpg (400kB)

    I have seen the alignment override options. But i guess even with regular expressions looking for the first part of the file name I won't be successful due to n:m relationships.
    A consideration of the file size would be required, but after searching the forum it seems that this is not possible so far.

    For the moment I align the files manually.
    But after each alignment step Beyond compare kind of refreshes the folders.
    So being in one in one of the subfolders and trying to align multiple file pairs in that folder I'm thrown back to the topmost folder after aligning one file pair.

    How can this be disabled?

    Best regards

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    It isn't possible to disable the folder state change (collapse/expand) after manual alignment in the current version of Beyond Compare (4.2.8). Keeping folder state after manual alignment is on the todo list for a future version.
    Chris K Scooter Software