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Duplicate tab ability when only one tab exists

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  • Duplicate tab ability when only one tab exists

    Hey Aaron (and gang)!

    Still absolutely love BC, and use it on Windows, Mac, and Linux. I have a few suggestions and/or feature requests I've been thinking about for a while, but I'm sort of compiling them for you guys, because I imagine your plates are pretty full. But, this is one where:

    1) It may be a quick and easy one to implement (if not, I understand), and
    2) It would solve something that I do *very* often, but have to use a workaround for.

    If I have a compare open, and I want to duplicate the tab, but it's the only tab open... no dice! If I have multiple tabs open, I just right-click the tab, and the option to duplicate is there.

    My current workaround (for years now) has been to do Session -> New Tab (or the keyboard shortcut, ^/⌘-T), and then right-click -> duplicate the original tab (then, close the extraneous tab).

    I was thinking about it today, and then thought: I'm an idiot; I can just go into Customize Toolbar, and I bet there's an existing callout there to do it. But, it doesn't look like there is...

    Now, I know what you're thinking (of course, correct me if I'm wrong): Hmm, there's no tab right-click context menu in the case where there's only one tab open. That has been one of my thoughts for ages. The way I've seen this handled in other situations is where the app has an option to choose whether or not I want "initial/orphan tabs displayed", and I *don't*! I like it just the way you guys have designed it. I know that's a silly "style" preference, but BC does have style (in addition to substance), or we all wouldn't love it so much. Anyway, from a programmer's perspective (even though I'm not sure what framework BC is built upon), I think this approach probably involves some work, so...

    It would be immediately satisfying (and I'd be elated, actually) if there was a keyboard shortcut for "Duplicate Tab". Cross-platform compatibility probably makes adding Shift to New Tab the best option, but... I'll leave the style to you guys.

    I don't know if you remember, Aaron... but, way back when, I asked if you could add a "%o" option to the external program comparison options, so my script could be a little smarter, and you swooped in and did it that day. I'll never forget that... amazing software *and* amazing coders. Of course, this is probably the *least interesting* Post-It/Jira/Bugzilla entry... so, there's the rub!

    I promise I'll mention those other ideas I have, that are much more interesting, at some point.

    Let me know what you think...


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    For the duplicate tab issue, the best workaround in the current version is to change a setting so BC displays a tab when only one tab is open. In Beyond Compare, open Tools > Options (Windows, Linux) or Beyond Compare > Preferences (macOS). Go to the Tabs section. Uncheck Hide tab bar if single tab.

    I'll add a keyboard shortcut for Duplicate Tab to the wish list for a future version of Beyond Compare.
    Chris K Scooter Software


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      Ahh... yes, that will work for now. Even though I thought I had done my due diligence in looking for it, I guess I hadn't. Thanks for letting me know where that option is. I'll play around with it on, and see if it changes my perceived productivity while I cheer you guys through the wish list.