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FTP compare: minified css and js errors

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  • FTP compare: minified css and js errors

    I use ftp comparison on a regular basis to keep a backup copy of my web sites.
    It works well for all files (mainly php) *except* for minified javascript and css files.
    Often these files will appear corrupted.
    The same issue occurs on Linux (LinuxMint) and Windows version (4.2.6 b23150). Have not tried Mac.

    Samples attached:
    Linux - local copy (LHS) is clean; Web via FTP *appears* corrupted.
    Windows - local copy (LHS) *is* corrupted, having just been copied from within BC. Even then, it shows differences.
    In both cases FTP remote location (RHS) content is clean. It just appears to BC as being corrupt.

    This is not an issue with non-minified versions of the same files, and I have not seen it with other file times.

    Minified content removes CR/LFs. Perhaps that is a clue?

    TIA, Ian
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    It might help to make BC use binary file transfers.

    The default settings transfer text files (based on extension) in ASCII mode, converting Windows CR LF line endings to Unix/Linux LF line endings. Setting binary transfer mode prevents line ending conversion.

    To change the transfer setting, open Tools > Profiles.
    Select the profile of your FTP server.
    Go to the Transfer tab.
    Set Transfer Type to Binary, then Save.
    Chris K Scooter Software


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      Thanks Chris

      Setting binary mode definitely helped. I still have some issues but that may be a result of past copies. Will follow up if the problem persists.
      - Ian