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Meaning of "Mirror left"?

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  • Meaning of "Mirror left"?

    Assume I opened folder compare and loaded two directories.

    Now I want to mark exactly one (big) subdirectory and "clone" it to the other side.
    In other word I want

    - to delete files on the target side which do not exist on the source side
    - overwrite files on the target side with the files on the source side (if they exist there)
    - copy new files on the source side to the target side.

    Alternatively I could delete the whole subdirectory on the target side and copy the whole directory from the source side (again). But this would cause a lot of unnecessary overhead since already existing files must be re-transferred again.

    Is this function equal by a "mirror left" operation?


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    Yes, mirror left or mirror right are equivalent operations to what you're describing.

    Mirror will:
    Copy orphan files from source to target.
    Copy different (newer, older, size different) files from source to target.
    Delete orphan files in the target folder.
    Chris K Scooter Software