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  • Right click - update single file

    I'm pretty new to the software and one thing I haven't found and am missing from previous sync tools is the ability to right click a compared file and only update that one file (or take whatever action is marked eg. delete remote).

    Does BC only work in a batch mode where you have to mark all the files first and then click Go?

    I used an old tool called Synchronize It! in the past. You could do an entire directory of changes, an individual file, selected files, or the whole batch.


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    BC4's Synchronize Update (Left -> Right) command can act on a Selection (single or multiple files) or the entire folder (visible folders/files). The Folder Sync session type is designed for a large batch, but the Folder Compare session type has the right-click or Actions menu items to act on only single items or a sub-selection. The Copy command will copy the selection (like Windows Explorer), where the Synchronize commands will only copy items that meet those synch criteria (Update will only copy Newer and Orphan files).
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Thanks, Aaron.

      Yep, I had gravitated to Folder Sync and when I had tried Folder Compare before I was unaware that it had the functionality I was looking for. I now have it configured properly and will be using it going forward.