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    I remember it worked before, but not working lately. When the first one is loaded, I can see tables. When the second one is added (both by dragging and drop from desktop to BC window), it just had the in progress animation at the lower left corner and the program is frozen. I have to force quiz it by using Task Manager. I tried reinstalling but it still behaved the same way.


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    Are you using Beyond Compare 4.2.6 or an older version? If you're using an older version, please update to 4.2.6 and let us know if it resolves the issue. To display your version, open Help > About Beyond Compare.

    If updating to version 4.2.6 doesn't solve the problem, it might help to try the Microsoft Excel workbooks extended file format from our website. The default settings use a built in library to compare Excel files, which will sometimes fail if Excel files use advanced features. The extended file format uses Excel to read the contents of files so it's more compatible with advanced features.

    Additional File Formats for BC4:
    Chris K Scooter Software