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    are AWESOME!

    However, hoping there might be another possible approach to resolve a couple of roadblocks I am encountering.

    I am creating Excel spreadsheets containing only an ODBC link to a data file. The files (tables) are being converted and BC is the method using to compare the spreadsheet contents before/after the conversion, and it does it quite well, with a couple caveats.

    1. Several of the files are BIG, meaning more records (rows) than Excel can handle. Several million records. Therefore will only compare the first million or so.

    2. There are quite a few (50+) files to be compared and the setup work (creating spreadsheets for every file to be compared) is a bit time-consuming.

    So the question is - "Is there some other method available for table compares that might possibly go directly against an ODBC source, for example?" Any way to build a custom driver possibly? It seems like this was possible at some point in the past, maybe it still is and I just haven't found the right reference.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


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    Sorry, Beyond Compare doesn't support comparison of tables via ODBC. It's on the feature request list for a future version but it doesn't have a scheduled release date.

    Beyond Compare 2 and 3 had a plug-in API to create a custom viewer instead of using the Text Compare or Table Compare. Beyond Compare 4 replaced the plug-in API with external file formats. Both the older plug-in API and the current external file format support don't support adding new file system types like ODBC to existing viewers.
    Chris K Scooter Software