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Unable to align and compare contents of different versions of file

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  • Unable to align and compare contents of different versions of file

    I'm accessing files from a legacy system.
    The files are named in this format: filename.extn;version#.
    See the image below for better understanding.

    The file name is SEQ23E, the extension is PDTN, the version - the file has 3 versions - 746,747, 748.
    Different versions generated because of edits done at different times.
    The latest version of the file is 748 (so SEQ23E.PDTN;748).
    There is a backup directory in the FTP which has a older version of the same file, say SEQ23E.PDTN;650.
    When I want to compare both of them side by side using folder compare, these two files do not align against one another to perform a comparison.
    What should I do in order to:
    1. List only the latest versions of the files in each of the directories
    2. Compare files with different version numbers against one another

    I'm using BC4 trial version, if it helps.

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    This look like VMS version information for the FTP. If you navigate to the Tools menu -> Profiles, and edit your specific profile, in the Listing tab, you can enable to Hide VMS versions to show only the most recent version. Is this then the expected behavior for you?

    BC4 requires file names to be equal in order to align. This can be overridden with a manual Alignment, or using a defined Alignment Override (Pro feature under the Folder Compare's Session Settings, Misc tab) as a defined rule of the name change (in this case, a specific version extension with another specific version extension)
    Aaron P Scooter Software