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I need to move a tab to another existing window

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  • I need to move a tab to another existing window

    I accidentally told a tab in a window with a set of associated file diff tabs to move to "a new window", and I don't see any way to put it back in the right window.

    I tried dragging the tab back to its original window, but I just get the 🛇 cursor when I do that and nothing happens.

    Edit: never mind, I just realized it's because you can only drag the tab onto the tab bar, and you can drag the majority of the 🛇 cursor onto the tab bar without the hotspot actually being in the tab bar. I just managed to miss the valid region for dropping a tab.

    That said... if you drag a tab onto another window without hitting the tab bar specifically, it still ought to work, but just append the tab to the end of the list. Otherwise it's not totally intuitive that the 🛇 cursor isn't saying you can't do it, just that you can't do it where you are.
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    Thanks for the feedback. I'll make a note of this to help increase its readability.
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