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Editing the input files in 3-way text merge

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  • Editing the input files in 3-way text merge

    I am not able to edit the input files in 3-way text merge.

    My problem is that I copy the inputs from another app. I am not able to locate the 3 input files on disk.
    So, I like to paste the 3 inputs manually and then merge them, and copy the result back to the other app.

    I am able to do this with text compare in BC4. But, the same doesn't work in text merge!

    Is it by design that input files are not editable in text merge?

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    It is by design. The 3 input panes do not allow editing, but merge into the 4th Output pane at the bottom. The bottom pane generates from the inputs, allows overrides to select sides, and also allows editing. This Output can then be saved to a 4th location, or can save over one of the input panes. The center input pane should also be a common ancestor.

    The common scenario is to be called from a Version Control Software or to act on folders working as a manual version control. The Merge session type is not quite a Compare session type; a 3-way Compare is another session type on our wishlist.
    Aaron P Scooter Software