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    I have a concern on the type of report I can export.
    I need to compare 2 big excel tables and have a report of the whole comparison.

    If I want to have a report in html, the size is 300 Mo => too big to use (no way to send the file and too big for IE to open)
    If I want to print the report (even in PDF), the table is not printed completely (lot of columns missing)

    => is there a way to 1) reduce the size of the html ? 2) guarantee the whole table can be printed ?

    I need to save those reports as evidence of the job done.

    Could you help me?

    Thank you in advance,


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    Can you reduce the size of the comparison by reporting on only differences? If the report is the full content of both files, then that joining is going to be double the size of either single file. If you intend to include the full file content, this could include a combination of a BC4 difference report (a subset/reviewable report) and the full files individually as an archive.

    HTML reports have a little overhead of HTML code, but it is probably mostly the file data that is increasing it to that size. If your report is too large for a browser to render, then it wouldn't be useful to send to others for review. You could reduce the size of the transfer by zipping it, but this wouldn't fix that unpacked it is too large to open.

    The Printer option allows PDF output if you have a virtual printer, but is designed for a physical page. You would have to configure the Page Size to contain the printed information; it does not support an auto-wrapping option. In this scenario, we normally recommend saving to HTML first and then printing to PDF from the browsers rendering (which can wrap), but this assumes the browser could open the file.

    You could also save as plain text, which would be a little more difficult to read, but programs like BC4 can open the large plain text file.
    Aaron P Scooter Software