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Commandline to automerge when conflicts are all auto resolvable.

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  • Commandline to automerge when conflicts are all auto resolvable.

    Feature request: add command line option(s) (similar to /automerge) to allow for automatic 3-way-merges for use cases where there are conflicts (i.e. Left and Right have made changes to Center) but where Beyond Compare can automatically resolve all such changes/conflicts.

    To illustrate further, consider the use case of a 3-way merge, where the Left and Right have changes in them from the Center AND where Beyond Compare GUI automatically resolves the changes/conflicts to the Output. In other words, the GUI in this use case would have both the Next Conflict and Previous Conflict buttons dimmed and clicking either button would give an error message of "Conflict not found." Note though that the bottom status bar would show that there are a positive number of conflict section(s), e.g. "1 conflict section(s)". This is a case of having merge conflicts but where all conflicts were automatically resolved and thus there are no unresolved conflicts remaining.

    It would be awesome to be able to do this kind of automatic resolution from command line. I do understand that there already is an /automerge command line switch. However, in the above use case, using /automerge results in an error code of 101 "Conflicts detected, merge output not written".

    Please add a commandline switch that behaves a lot like /automerge (or augments the behavior of /automerge) to cover such use cases of having conflicts but where they are all auto-resolved. In which case the command line run of BeyondCompare would write to the output file and would result in a 0 "Success" error code from the process; and no GUI would be displayed (similar to the use of /automerge - or be usable in conjunction with /silent to suppress any GUI).

    This would really help in saving a lot of time when, as a developer, one has a large number (e.g. 1000+) of 3-way merges to solve where many of them have such automatically resolvable conflicts! Running a batch of this new command over such files would speedily result in automatically resolving say most of the files, and then leaves behind only the remaining files that could not be auto-resolved - letting the developer focus easily on resolving only the remaining files that need manual 3-way merge resolution.

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    Apologies, I'm fairly new at using Beyond Compare. It appears that I was confused in my use-case, in that there was 1 conflict but it was not auto-solved. So perhaps /automerge is what I was asking for above - and instead I should be asking in more detail why my use case is not an auto-solvable merge conflict (because other 3-way-diff tools do successfully auto-solve the same use-case).

    I don't see any way to delete my original post; I believe it is incorrect and thus no longer applicable.


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      What conflict is shown if you launch in the Text Merge graphical interface? Is the alignment different when using the internal/other tool?

      BC4 supports multiple alignment algorithms in the Session Settings, as well as Unimportance, which can impact the merge.
      Aaron P Scooter Software