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Explorer Shell Extension not working on Windows Server 2016

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  • Explorer Shell Extension not working on Windows Server 2016

    I installed Beyond Compare 4 on Windows Server 2016, but for some reason the windows shell extension doesn't seem to be working. I've used ShellExView to disable various shell extensions, but so far I haven't been able to fine one that's causing a conflict. I disabled all the non-Microsoft extensions and restarted explorer, but no such luck. There's 221 Microsoft shell extensions, so going through all of those will be a little time consuming.
    Has anyone else experienced this problem on Windows Server 2016 or have any suggestions?

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    Those are good first troubleshooting steps. Sometimes the registry gets updating incorrectly or "borked" during a Windows Update. We have a manual registry patch which can re-add or clean up the registry values manually. Email us at along with a link back to this forum thread and we can get that to you.

    Update: I should add, please include your (Help menu - >Support; Export) or other system information like your install path, so we can verify that the default values will work for you.
    Aaron P Scooter Software