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BC4 Crash on Win10 constantly...?

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  • BC4 Crash on Win10 constantly...?

    I did try to send an email to support.. But it came back (Msg look like spam)

    I have a PRO license of BC4 - Upgraded a few month back from many years of BC3 - My favourite tool!
    And I keep sending crash reports from a dead BC4 Hope you got them?
    The program BC4 keep crashing and stops??

    I am on Win10 updated
    I tried to reinstall But no improvement?

    Today I had some insertions into .css files and .js ??? So I am not using it anymore until it gets fixed!
    It also slows down a lot.. It was fast in the beginning but now it get as slow as BC3 was??

    I have Kaspersky Internet Security (Since 2003) updated and fresh (2018)

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    Could you try emailing without any attachments, but include a link back to this forum thread? Does this come through? Once we get your email, we can then work to get the report coming through.

    There aren't any specific Windows 10 issues. If you temporarily disable your anti-virus, or whitelist BCompare.exe, does this help?
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      I can't get nada past your spamfilter???
      You can't be reached via PM ??
      I did make some dropbox files and copied the links... those get blocked as well
      You are a HARD MAN to reach!


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        My version of Beyond Compare is also crashing on a weekly if not daily basis.
        Today it crashed while I was working in another window.

        Windows 10 Pro 16 GB 64-bit
        Beyond Compare 4.2.4 (22795) 64-bit edition

        I sent a few of the crash reports when prompted.

        I'm willing to try any suggestions.

        Thank you.



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          Hello Dirk,

          Similarly, we'd need a bit more information from you (I'm corresponding with Netz to get exact base folders, actions taken, how many actions are simultaneous, etc). Our developers review the crash reports and collate them for information, but we get a lot of them in so individual feedback is not always possible.

          Email in to and we can get more detailed information. Please include your from the Help menu -> Support; Export, a saved copy of the Crash Report (instead of Email, choose to Save), and a brief description of the steps you have taken from BC4's boot to the actions that caused the crash.
          Aaron P Scooter Software


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            Hi Aaron,
            Any news or hope for this issue??
            Thx God I am not alone and it's a drag to get emails to you !!


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              Did you use an alternate email address or the one registered with your forum account? I am searching for the message I remember seeing and replying to, but I cannot find it from this registered email.

              Your crash reports do come through, but those are unconnected to the previous conversation thread. Once you get one through, please reply to it so we can keep the conversation in a threaded format. Did you get my reply back? If so, can you reply to it without attachments to see if that comes through?
              Aaron P Scooter Software


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                Found both alternates and have tried whitelisting them. For now, please don't include attachments while we get that more reliable. We also searched through email server logs and there were no blocked requests for the last week, so if something failed it would be your server intercepting before attempting to send it to us.

                If this fails, please post the bounce message (strip identifying information) and we can try to help diagnose the error.

                Last conversation was me sending a few questions about background tasks that was occurring at the time of the crash.
                Aaron P Scooter Software


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                  Hi Aaron,
                  Super... I just resend my last email (added some stuff about Kaspersky Internet Security Ver. 19.00xx.) (Didn't bounce yet (after 15 min) so there is hope :-)

                  I did try to run BC4 without it (KIS) but didn't get a good result - (KIS Firewall don't shut down before CPU is OFF - That makes a 100% test impossible) - I did Whitelist BC4 in Application Control inside KIS and all other trick - but scanning insecure connection is a must.
                  Lets see how things goes from here.
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                    Received and replied, Netz.

                    Let's try to test around with disabling antivirus, and testing different base folder paths (local instead of remote) to find what is triggering the instability.
                    Aaron P Scooter Software


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                      My tests...
                      Crashes with all kinds and settings :-(
                      Local vs local = crash
                      Local vs FTP = crash

                      I added this issue to my Kaspersky Case (pending) for a outlook problem (it blocks two of my 13 emails - go figure)
                      Maybe they finds something? I keep you in the loop - While... please keep at it in the meantime


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                        Sorry, I've been out sick from the office and I am catching up now. Were the 2 out of 13 email blocks to us or kapersky? As I mentioned earlier, I think one of the first things they are going to ask is disabling their tool and seeing if the issue persists. Have you been able to try this or the other tests I asked about in the email?
                        Aaron P Scooter Software


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                          BC4 crashes with or without Kaspersky??!! :-(
                          I tested all combos - BC4 crashes
                          It lives a bit longer ... when Outlook is closed? But when it starts to crash ... It really does it often after the first!!


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                            I'd strongly recommend shutting down other processes to see which might be causing these crashes. I would also suggest disabling shell extensions using ShellExView ( and then reboot. If you have another computer to test on, this could also help, if it works, to determine the difference between those setups.
                            Aaron P Scooter Software