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  • Mirroring permissions

    Is it possible to compare the permissions on two folders? And if different mirror the permissions from one side to the other? I ask because choosing "copy NTFS file permissions" worked great when doing an initial mirror in copying the permissions from one location to another. But I had since made some permission changes on the location I was copying from, and when I did another mirror, it didn't copy over these changes.

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    Did your mirror re-copy the files? BC4 does not compare NTFS permissions, so they would not be a criteria to include in a sync mirror.

    You can compare externally by generating reports, and then comparing the reports in the Text Compare:

    We also have a list of common issues here:

    If the permissions are not copying; if you delete the destination file and then copy it (freshly) does this copy the permission?
    Aaron P Scooter Software