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Feature Request: Alignment chooser toolbar dropdown icon to Text Compare

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  • Feature Request: Alignment chooser toolbar dropdown icon to Text Compare


    There is a "Session Settings -> Alignment" tab to change the algorithm used to align lines on Text Compare/Merge.
    Is it possible to add an icon to the toolbar with a drop down list (like the "Format" icon) to change quickly between algorithms?

    I mostly use BC to compare source files and different changes looks best with different algorithms, but it is too slow to always try out every algorithm choosen from the Session settings menu.

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    Since changing the algorithm triggers a refresh (and would lose information like manual alignments), it is a command that can undo work as a secondary effect. It isn't just a view mode, so we didn't initially include it on the toolbar. It's on our wishlist to expand the toolbar support to provide any command, but it does not currently allow this. We do have the Rules button on the toolbar, which has a few hotkeys (right arrow to Alignment tab, Alt+underlined letter to swap alignments, Enter) to help speed up Alignment selection.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Thank you for the fast reply and the shortcuts tip.

      Maybe a dialog which warn the user about lost manual alignments when proceed to another algorithm?
      Or option to add shortcuts to change algorithm (eg: Alt+1, Alt+2 or something configurable, or just iterate over the algorithms and add an indicator to the status which show the used algorithm)?


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        It is on our wishlist to expand/add to the toolbar, which would include the different alignment algorithms; this just isn't available in the current version.
        Aaron P Scooter Software