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Move orphans to third folder

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  • Move orphans to third folder

    sorry if this was covered, but I'm not sure how to find the answer...

    Folder A: my new computer
    Folder B: an old cumulative backup from various previous computers
    Folder C: an obsolete files archive

    B has all kinds of junk from previous computers (e.g., in the Users folder of Windows). I am manually selecting the "good stuff" to copy onto my new computer.

    Once I'm done, I want to archive the obsolete backup files from B to C so I can then safely use MIRROR from A to B on a periodic basis.

    So, how do I identify the "Orphan" files on B (i.e., not present on A) and copy just those file, along with their folder structure to C?

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    Well, I came up with an (inefficient) workaround. CAVEAT: I only BELIEVE this worked for me - make sure you know what you're doing!!!

    1. Update ALL of B to C
    2. Compare A to B and show only Right Orphans
    3. Select all rows on B side and Delete all (orphans) on B
    4. Compare A to C and show only No Orphans
    5. Select all rows on C side and Delete all (non-orphans) on C (make SURE that "Include hidden items" is NOT CHECKED!
    6. Feel free to Mirror A to B henceforth; C (the archive folder) will contain only items that are NOT on A.


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      Thanks. A couple quick tips with the above workflow:
      Be aware that any renamed or moved files would detect as Orphans. This might impact your comparison depending on how you would want to handle these cases.
      With 6 manual steps, you would need to repeat them if C ever needs to be updated (and subsequently B). All deletes are permanent (no Undo), so please carefully review that you are pruning orphans on B and non-orphans on C as you do these steps. Also, it looks like you would end up with items on C that are not in A or B; please be aware that if this one Drive C happens to die, then these files would be lost unless they are in at least one other location.
      Aaron P Scooter Software