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Feature Request: Picture (File) Browsing In Compare

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  • Feature Request: Picture (File) Browsing In Compare

    The headline is perhaps a little cryptic: what I am asking for is a way to browse file contents - for several files - more easily.

    I use this for comparing pictures, but in principle I suppose it could apply to any type of file.

    What I do now: have two panes of files (some with the same name) in folder compare. When I double click one of these identical filename files they are compared and a new tab comparison opens - if it is a picture the two images are shown and the differences, if any, are highlighted. This is all good.

    What I am asking is really just a small amendment in the comparison tab - e.g. if I press the up- or down-arrow button I suggest that the comparison tab would display the previous or next identical filename match. In effect it would be easy to "browse" comparisons for all the identical named files in the two folders without going back to the first tab and double click the next set (and open yet another comparison tab)

    The problem with this is of course that the arrow keys do other things for non-picture comparisons. In that case perhaps a small up-down icon which I could click in the comparison tab could do the trick.

    Note: to comply with the current behavior perhaps the up- down- arrows should just open the next file(s) regardless if there is a name match or not (i.e. if it just exist on one of the sides in FC it would still open - like when you double click a file without a "partner" on the other side).

    Best wishes

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    We have similar behavior in the program, but it is limited to Next Difference Files (under the Search menu). This can be assigned a hotkey or added to the toolbar in the Tools menu -> Options dialog, Toolbars/Etc tab, Select View: Picture Compare (or other) dropdown, then search for Next Difference Files.

    It would then be a matter of configuring the Folder Compare to run a comparison scan so you can find only the files you need to review as different, such as a Rules-based scan in the Session Settings, Comparison tab: enable Rules-based (and leave Timestamp/Size/Override defaults also enabled).
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      I am trying to compare pictures that were uploaded to facebook, and thus the file name was changed. I am trying to find the original photo.

      If I understand what is being said here it would be done through folder compare. If so, how do I tell Beyond compare to not look at the name of the file. I have not been able to add the Hot key either.



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        Sorry, there is no method to ignore the name fully; the name is used for the alignment and must be equal. BC4 Pro's feature, Alignment Override, can define a rule to match different names, but the difference is explicitly defined (by a RegEx/Mask). If the rename is constant (a specific prefix) then this could work, but if it is shifting (like a date or random numbers) it could be difficult to define. Do you have a couple of examples?
        Aaron P Scooter Software