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Folder Compare report never materializes

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  • Folder Compare report never materializes

    By this I mean that the report either never shows up in the browser (when that option is selected), or never saves to disc. The dialog box that indicates progress remains on the screen for over 9 hours and the file on disc grows to 321 KB and stops growing.

    Background: I did a binary compare of files from two different backups of my NAS to see if there was any file corruption in the restore of the most recent backup of the NAS (I had indication that there might be some file corruption). The file compare was of more than 5 TB of a mix of different media files and sizes from KB to GB file sizes, and from photos (.tiff, .jpg, .ORF, .PSD), to .MP3/.MP4/.M4Vs to .FLAC to .VOB to .mt2s to .aax to .mkv files (video, picture and audio files). The comparison was done from two WD My Book USB 3 connected drives and it took over 9:43 hours to complete. As I wanted to shutdown my PC for the night, but without losing all the progress BC4 had made, I selected the HTML Report options in BC4, first to see the results in the browser, but when that took over 2 hours and produced no result (dialog box was still spinning), I canceled the task and selected the option to save to disk the full HTML report with the default options selected. After waiting over night for it to save (more than 8 hours processing time), I had only a 321 KB file and the dialog box was still indicating progress with the moving green bar.

    I then canceled that process figuring it must be too much information for BC4 to process, and I selected the "Differences" report option figuring that should be smaller as the summary from BC4 indicated that there were only 131 different files (out of 118,744 files). Again I attempted to save to disc and waited again for more than 7 hours with still no result.

    I figure BC4 processed in the neighborhood of just under 6 TB of file comparisons. I'd like to understand this. Is the reporting really that slow that it would take more than 8 hours of dedicated processor time (no other tasks being done), or is there an internal limit to how big a report that BC4 can create? I really don't want to do the compare again because it took many hours to complete and produced a lot of valuable results that I need to analyze to figure out what's a difference that I care about and what is not. But I cannot leave my PC running all night -- not a safe practice for a network-connected machine.

    Thanks for your input,

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    Which report are you activating and which options exactly? A screenshot of the report dialog would help.

    There are specific combinations (such as a selection of files and File-report, or a Folder Compare Report with Include File Links Enabled, that would act to include file content as well. If this were selected on 6tb of data that would attempt to generate a 6tb report (and likely wouldn't complete).

    A combination I might expect would be to Expand All in the main view, then use the Session menu -> Folder Compare Report dialog, Layout: Side by Side, Show Differences, and file-links should be disabled.

    Update: I should add that, assuming you are using BC4, it should be the most recent version: BC 4.2.4. All 4.x updates are free for 4.x users.
    Aaron P Scooter Software