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Feature request: add coloring options for deleted and added lines

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  • Feature request: add coloring options for deleted and added lines

    I've gotten used to git's coloring of diffs where deleted lines are shown in red and added lines shown in blue.

    The deleted/added distinction cannot be made using BC's important/unimportant coloring options. I'd like the added/deleted distinction to be added as an color option in BC - that way I won't have to make this mental change between git and BC diffs (it's amazing how much conscious effort I need to realize that some of the red lines in BC are actually additions).

    There was a thread posted a while back asking about how to configure BC to do this, but it seems like it was left at the conclusion of "BC can't do it":

    I'm asking for the next logical step to be taken.

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    As noted, we do not have Added and Deleted status, but under the Tools menu -> Options dialog, Tweaks tab, in the Editor Display enable Use orphan color. This would color Orphan lines (not aligned to another side) in a configurable color (under the Options Colors/Fonts tab, File Views sub-tab).
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      Thanks, I missed that from the other thread -I should have put more effort into reading through that. That's an improvement, but I'd still prefer if I could make it look more like the git diffs (green foreground instead of background for example). But this definitely looks like it'll help.