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Line Endings not maintained with SFTP Binary Transfer?

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  • Line Endings not maintained with SFTP Binary Transfer?

    I'm using BC Version 4.2.4 (build 22795) on Windows 10 /64 V1709.

    I have a session for syncing with a Raspberry Pi system. It has an SFTP profile with the Binary transfer option selected in that profile.
    Most files sync OK, but I have a few (run.log) that show a different file size on each system after sync (Windows side is larger), and CRC compare shows they are different.

    Is there some other setting needed to ensure line endings are not modified?

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    After setting the SFTP profile to Transfer: Binary, the transfers should always be binary. Please restart BC4 just to be sure there isn't a previous open tab that is caching the older settings. If the restart doesn't help resolve this, how does Filezilla behave if you test against it?
    Aaron P Scooter Software