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Beyond compare saving password in FREE version

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  • Beyond compare saving password in FREE version

    Hello, I've used BC 4 for a long time now, and i have allways had this issue:
    I use a VPN to connect to a server and every time i change my server password it blocks me because BC keeps trying to connect in using the old password. Reading the forums i found out that you can delete the password in the FTP/Proxy section:
    The problem is that there's no such section in the Tools menu (I recognize that that page is supposed to be about BC2 and not 4, I figured out that it could work the same way), I also tried to find the reg key that's mentioned in the same link that i previously sent, but to no luck.

    Maybe it's because i use the free version of BC4, but is there another way to delete the saved passwords??


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    BC4's Tools menu -> Profiles dialog stores any used FTP profiles/connections. When connecting to an FTP, you can also disable "Save Password" so it isn't stored with the profile.

    BC4 does not have a Free version. We have a 30-day trial, however the trial only counts down days you actually use the program, so it can end up lasting for a long time if used infrequently.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      As Aaron said in the nicest way possible. There is no free version of BC. Please consider playing these fine folks. I have used the product for years. Its well worth the price they ask. If you want free, use one of the open source projects that have some of the function. If your in the 30 days that's fair but if your beyond that and doing tricks to keep using it, grow up and pay up.