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Controlling the Folder Display Filters setting?

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  • Controlling the Folder Display Filters setting?

    In a Folder Compare, I set the Folder Display Filters button to "Ignore Folder Structure", a.k.a. "Flatten". But when I exit BC and launch another Folder Compare, it uses that setting again. If the two folders I picked for the second pair have a lot of subfolders and files, this can take a long time.

    Is there a way of saying how I want my Folder Display Filters button set on every new Folder Compare?

    Related to this, is there a way of controlling the Folder Display Filters setting when launching a Folder Compare from the command line?

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    No, the Display Filters and Folder View mode options are sticky with their last uses. If you load a specific session, this session can be blank but have specific items set; but the new/default view will always remember what was used last.

    One tip, if you need to switch modes before loading new items, is to launch the new blank session, set the mode, then drag and drop from Explorer into the BC4 window.
    Aaron P Scooter Software