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Folder Compare and "Ignored" Orphans

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  • Folder Compare and "Ignored" Orphans

    I'm doing a folder compare and I want to ignore (Actions->Ignored) a subfolder. If the subfolder has no orphans, it works fine. The subfolder is removed from the display. If the subfolder has orphaned files it's also fine. But, if the subfolder (or any of its subfolders) have orphaned folders they do *not* get removed from the display.

    I've attached some screen shots. The first one shows the full tree, everything visible. The second shows differences only. In the third I've selected the "ggg" directories and set them to Ignored. The entire "ddd" tree is hidden because it the only differences have been manually ignored. I expect the same to happen to the "eee" tree, but the orphaned directory is keeping it visible even though I told BC to ignore its parent.

    The "eee" tree is hidden if I view "Differences But No Orphans" as in the fourth image, but that also hides the other orphans in the root of the tree. I don't want that. I still need to see orphans in trees I haven't explicitly ignored.

    Is this a bug or a setting I've overlooked somewhere?

    (Screenshots resized for the post. Full-size are at

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    To hide the orphan folder, right click on it and select Exclude or select View > Only Compare Files.
    Chris K Scooter Software


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      "View -> Only Compare Files" hides orphan dirs outside of the tree I've ignored. That's no good, as I said I do care about orphans outside the explicitly ignored trees.

      It looks like "Exclude" will do what I want. What exactly is the difference between "Exclude" and "Ignored"? Why are orphan files hidden by "Ignored", but orphan dirs aren't?


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        Exclude removes specific items from the view, while Ignored sets a selection to Equal status but leaves it in view.

        Ignored functionality only applies to files (selecting a folder applies to all child files within it), so the folder view mode is overriding and still applying Orphan status to the folder itself. Enhancing this behavior is something on our radar.
        Aaron P Scooter Software


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          Thanks for the info.