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Wish-List: Always Show Folders, "but" Ignore Folder Structure.

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  • Wish-List: Always Show Folders, "but" Ignore Folder Structure.

    Hello, and thank You again for B.C.!
    I would like to be able to compare two folder structures, in this way.
    The comparison should be based only on the simple filename.
    But, the display should show the folder structure.
    For example, if I have these folder structures.
    The comparison should show this.
    Folder1 --- Folder4
     FileA  --- FileA
    Folder2 --- Folder3
     FileB  --- FileB
    So, the matching, the alignment, and the sorting should be based only on filename, but the display should show everything.
    As an ex programmer, I do understand that this is not easy, it might mean to split the reasoning of B.C.4 in two parts.
    The comparison engine should work on some fields, the display should be based on (maybe different) choices.
    In my opinion, this might be used also to be able to sort on filesize, to get something about a first step for finding duplicates.

    Thank You very much again and regards

    Rodolfo Giovanninetti

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    How would this expand to more complicated cases, like if FileC exists in Folder1 and Folder2 on the left, and in Folder 3 on the right? Or if there are a dozen subfolder levels on one side or the other? The current method of showing path information as a column helps cover these cases.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      I believe that the comparison logic should be the same as now.
      If FileC exists in both folders 1 and 2, how does B.C.4 work NOW?
      Whatever it is, it is ok for me.
      Only, I would like to see the folder structure.
      So, my idea is to split comparison from display.
      But, I DO understand the complexity of what I am asking for.
      So, consider my idea just as an idea, I will try to check what You say, how it should handle different cases.

      Thank You again and regards

      Rodolfo Giovanninetti


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        With everything in a single large list, if repeat names exist on the same side this can cause issues since alignment is name only. Only one pairing is picked and then compared, and Align With might need to be used to realign. Align With only works for items in the same folder level, so the folder structure would cause a problem for pushing files around, as well as aligning any file a different tree level deep. Our current folder tree interface isn't really built for this type of view.

        What's your goal for showing the parent folder items? Expandability and collapsability or readability? In what was does using the column for this information fall short for you?
        Aaron P Scooter Software