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Comparing Calibre Directories

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  • Comparing Calibre Directories

    How can I compare directories containing e-book files when the e-book formats aren't listed?

    I am looking to compare Calibre Library directories, but am not able to compare the books because they don't seem to be an available format.

    Not looking to compare the books on a level beyond the filename...and perhaps the modify dates...

    They seem to be filtered out when comparing the directories...

    .mobi, .azw3. .epub, .prc, .fb2, .html

    The folders containing the books also (most likely) contain an .opf metadata file as well as a .jpg for the cover.

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    First, you can always enable the Suppress Filters toggle on the toolbar to peek at any files/folders that have been removed from view due to a set filter.

    What is the file extension of your ebooks? Or are they folders that contain files?

    It may be that the file extension is already defined as an archive type, which are treated as archives until expanded (and then folders once expanded). Depending how they are treated would determine when and what filters remove them. What are you current Display Filters, Name Filters, or Misc Filters? If you reset each to Show All, *.*, and disable any additional Misc filters, do the files show?
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